Has everything changed with Pope Francis?

“Some Catholics have the impression that everything has changed withPope Francis,” says Jon O”Brien, president of Catholics for Change, which advocates for reproductive rights. “The problem with this story is that it’s not true.” When it comes to sexuality and procreation, it’s business as usual in the Vatican.


Some Catholics would draw the line at abortion, in opposition to Catholics for Change which advocates for full reproductive rights, that is both contraception and abortion. It is, however, almost an undisputed conclusion that the use of effective contraception would reduce the demand for abortion. Yet Pope Francis, who has chosen an exemplary life in foregoing the trappings of power, has not relented in the matter of contraception. This in spite of the use of contraception by millions of American and European and families worldwide. The Vatican has chosen hypocrisy over the needs of the Catholic faithful. It has chosen conformity to outdated doctrine in order to protect its authority and reputation. It has let us down.


Read ANN MARY, CONTRACEPTION AND THE POPE OF ROME for a flesh and blood story of the ruinous effect of this denial by the Church. It will make you laugh and it might make you cry. It might make you into a brave, outspoken advocate for change.

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