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nancy-w-book-touched-upNancy Taforo-Murphy

Nancy says, “I was born in hard times, when lights were going out across Europe and battleships were sinking in Pearl Harbor. My parents were awfully brave – either that or my father wanted desperately not to be drafted (two or more children constituted an exemption). Either reason had merit.

I grew up in the now gone San Francisco of the 40’s and 50’s. There were few skyscrapers, sparse traffic, no fear of abducted children, in fact, little fear at all. Our day in the country was an excursion to San Mateo, and our idea of great fun was feeding the ducks in Golden Gate Park. Find here Playland, Ocean Beach, 450 Sutter, Blums, and the San Francisco Seals, Pacific Coast Baseball League. Simple pleasure, happy lives.

I attended Catholic schools for the next 16 years, but have no worry here…I do not sentimentalize nuns or priests. No one escapes a lampooning – priests, nuns, archdiocesan hierarchy, lay people. My story is a poke in the eye of Mother Church, not the gouging it at times deserves. Comic chapters alternate with poignant ones, and unlikely people are redeemed.

But there is also a serious side to my book. The restriction of contraceptives affected Ann Mary, as it now affects women worldwide, not only causing suffering, but bearing upon the population of the planet. Pope Francis hints of change, but who knows. It would be good to have some small effect on the eventual dust-up.

So read my book, in fact, buy my book, and write an Amazon Review, and make me even happier.”

Nancy takes inspiration from William Butler Yeats, “Express a life that has never found expression.”


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